Dads and Doulas - The Ultimate Team

How do doulas work with Dads?

Doulas can help coach Dads to participate in the labour and birth at their comfort level. Even simply a doulas presence allows Dad not to feel guilty or torn when he needs to use the bathroom, get something to eat, or update the waiting family.  He knows that someone is there to help, to back him up. Doulas can help explain the benefits, risks, and alternatives of different procedures so even after labouring for hours, you can make the best decision for you and your family. In this way, the doula is helping you advocate for your choices and navigating the unfamiliar scene.

In most hospital births, the staff are unfamiliar to you and they may change shifts in the middle of the birth. The doula will be a continuous familiar person and support because you have met with her numerous times before the birth to discuss your desires for your birth as well as practiced comfort techniques.

A doula will still give you time to yourselves to enjoy the wonders of birth. Doulas allow Dads to experience birth! Having a doula present allows Dads to witness birth in whichever way they are comfortable. A doula can hold mum's hand so you can see your baby being born or can take pictures of the birth. A doula can support mum while you tell her she is the most powerful woman in the world. The options are endless. Doulas do not replace Dads! A partner will always have something over the doula, you love and know your partner! Combine those loving and encouraging words with massage or position ideas from your doula and your voice will be the loudest in the room. You are giving her the best of both worlds - love and expertise!