Meet Bel

Hello.  My name is Belinda Kelly, and I am the owner and founder of Sunshine Coast Doula Services.

I have lived on the beautiful Sunshine Coast for the last 30 years and I could not imagine ever calling another place home.  I am the proud Mama of 4  gorgeous sons (one of whom is all grown up!) and 1 beautiful daughter. 

My passion and purpose is to support women as they discover their own power in this crazy, intense, and oh-so-personal journey of becoming a mother. 

As a Doula, I am a birth keeper.  I am a place of encouragement, warmth, love & respect for each woman in my care.  I am so humbled by the women that I serve.  As I see a woman transform into a mother, my breath is taken from me.

I have been practicing on the Sunshine Coast for the past 10 years and have had the immense honour of supporting over 350 families through their birth journeys (many of them for a second, third or even forth time as their families have grown).

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to follow my calling.  It is an honour and a privilege to be trusted to be a part of a woman and family’s most intimate and sacred  of experiences.

My Approach as a Doula:  

I am very at ease and comfortable with the birthing process, so I bring a calmness to the birth environment.  I listen to you and learn what is most important to you and your partner before your birth so that I can help facilitate the birth you desire.  I work respectfully with those in the birth environment including dads, family members, midwives, and doctors. I do not take the place of Dad.  In labour, I gently help him with practical ways to help you – the woman that he loves.  I am very conscious of the transformative and intimate experience that birth is for couples.  I am there for you both 100% when I am needed, but also like a fly on the wall in the quite moments when I am not.   I am familiar with and utilise many different techniques that aid in the birthing process and also help relieve as much discomfort as possible during labour and birth.  I will do whatever I can to help both the mother and their partner during pregnancy, labour and birth.  While you are in labour, I offer lots of verbal, physical and emotional support, but I am always guided by my intuition, so if I feel that you would like some quiet time or less touch, I will follow your lead.  I trust a mother's abilities to have the birth that her body has the power to deliver. As a Doula I will not push any of my beliefs on a client because this is not my birth experience. It is my goal that you go into the birth of your child with the tools necessary to make decisions that are right for you and your family. I want you to have the best possible labour and birth and I will support you in whatever decisions you have made before, during and after birth.  

“Holding Space" perfectly describes my guiding philosophy as a Doula. To 'hold space' for someone is to give them your complete presence and energy, and to open yourself up to humbly witness the fullness of their experience.  I view this opportunity as a privilege and a gift. 

I believe that every woman is entitled to give birth in the way that is most fulfilling for her and in accordance with her individual beliefs on birth. I respect the uniqueness of every birth and do not subscribe to the thought that birth should be 'normalised' to fit some standard. 

I would be honoured to support you as your Doula - wherever and however you choose to give birth.



Hospital Births, Home births, Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), Vaginal birth after two caesareans (VBA2C), Vaginal birth after three caesareans (VBA3C), Active birthing, Hypno-birthing, Calm-birthing, Providing support to siblings at births, Supporting single Mums,  Post-date pregnancies, Inductions, Pre-term births, Water births, Lotus births, Twin births & Triplet birth, Vaginal breech births, Planned and emergency caesarean births, Maternal assisted caesareans, Pregnancy & infant loss and Bereavement care.