- Kay, Ben & Baby Ruby -

Thanks to Belinda’s caring support I had the most amazing birth experience – natural, relaxed and no drugs. Belinda’s knowledge and warm, gentle nature put me and my partner at ease. She created a beautiful environment for us to bring our baby in to. Belinda spent time with us before the birth to establish what we did and did not want for the birth. She provided unbiased information on birthing choices. When we arrived at the hospital it was comforting to know that Belinda was there to liaise with hospital staff on our behalf allowing my partner and I to relax and enjoy our birthing experience. Belinda has continued to provide support since bringing our gorgeous baby girl home, giving advice on breastfeeding or just checking to see how we are all going. Thankyou Belinda for your care and friendship.

Kay Ellsum

 As a partner experiencing birth for the first time I was unsure what to expect, especially at the hospital. My partner suggested we try a doula to help us with the experience. I was a bit sceptical at first but after meeting Belinda and hearing about the support she offers I was happy to embrace the idea. I am so glad that we did. My partner and I had the most amazing experience and beautiful birth. Belinda’s calming presence and help in dealing with the hospital staff was invaluable in ensuring a truly wonderful birth experience. Her patience and support for us throughout the labour was a blessing. Belinda continued to offer support and valuable advice after we had brought our beautiful daughter home. This was very helpful for my partner with her breastfeeding and settling in to motherhood. I would like to thank Belinda for being part of our truly amazing experience and for her wisdom and guidance.

Ben Callcott 

- Alicia, Mark & Baby Brooke - 

Giving birth is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done. If you’re reading this you’re probably somewhere on the path to doing so yourself - congratulations.

After three births, each one better that the last, I’ve come to the conclusion that what makes a delivery a wonderful experience is having a calm, fear and distraction free environment where you can focus on your strength.

Belinda did a wonderful job for us, starting well outside the delivery room. I flew in from overseas with only weeks before I delivered. Belinda provided a balanced overview of the facilities in the area, born of experience, not preference. She supported me through some initial concerns I had, which at the time had totally de-railed my confidence.

Her support through my very long labour ensured that by the time I was ready to deliver, I was calm, confident and able to honestly, truly enjoy giving birth. I was able to bring our 4.5kg baby girl, Brooke into the world naturally, with no pain relief, just as I had wanted.

Belinda has a very caring manner and provides wonderful support. She is very knowledgeable and competent as well as respectful of your relationships. Any “significant others” out there worrying that a doula might be an interference in a private moment, need not worry if you choose to go with Belinda.

Belinda has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whilst she has a number of wonderful practical ideas to help make your birth pleasant – candles, music, aromatherapy etc, for me, her greatest contribution was to understand the dynamics of our relationship, what we each wanted in the birth and to help us control our fears.

I think Belinda’s greatest strength is her ability to fit into your needs. She has a wonderful ability to both step up and also step back so that you can have the birth you want. I’m sure she has preferences and opinions on birth, but I couldn’t recount them to you, as her skill is to understand yours and do her best to ensure that they are realised.

We were very happy with her service and would highly recommend her to any one looking for support.

Alicia & Mark Hol


 - Susie & Baby Grace - 

The best decision we made in our prenatal care was to meet with Belinda. During our pregnancy, our labour, and even afterwards, Belinda was an amazing support. She has been encouraging, flexible, understanding, informative and loving to both myself and my husband. Nothing is too much trouble for Belinda and she is always willing to adapt to our decisions and needs.

We met Belinda during pregnancy to discuss and plan our intentions for our birth. It was so nice to get to know her during this time and to form that important relationship. Belinda was especially supportive during the week before my labour - I was 10 days overdue and increasingly anxious to meet our daughter! 

It was during my labour that I truly came to appreciate how much Belinda meant to us. Belinda was with us for over 20 hours, first at home and then at hospital. During that time she was a rock - providing emotional support for both myself and my husband, as well as practical support to us both. Belinda was great at recommending things that may have assisted my labour and made me feel more comfortable. She really was my cheer squad and I felt encouraged and supported having Belinda there with us.

Our long and complicated labour meant that I decided to make some changes to the initial plans for our birth. During these times Belinda was encouraging and supportive, as well as providing unbiased information about our options. Although our birth did not progress the way we had intended, I felt empowered throughout by Belinda's support and assistance. I really felt having Belinda's help prevented our difficult birth from becoming a traumatic and distressing experience. I look back on my daughter's birth with fondness and joy and I truly don't believe that would be the case if we hadn't had Belinda by our side.

Belinda's support after our birth was also amazing. The assistance she gave us in the days following our birth were so important to us. Belinda has continued to offer her support in the time following our birth and for that we are grateful.

I can't thank Belinda enough for everything she's done for our family. Belinda is truly perfectly matched to her profession and her kindness, dedication, knowledge and experience are a treasure to have during pregnancy and birth.

Susie & Sean Mitterman 


- Leigh, Tim & Baby James -

The birth of my eldest daughter was full of medical intervention starting from an induction that lead to an emergency casearean. I knew that there had to be a better way for our second child so I started researching how we could get there. When I learned about what doulas had to offer I knew it would be right for us. I was so fortunate to find Belinda because Tim & I felt immediately at ease with her & more confident that we were one step closer to our VBAC. Belinda was a great sounding board for me in pregnancy while I was dealing with hospitals in terms of policies concerning VBACs & helped me educate and empower myself to avoid another birth full of intervention. My pregnancy went 'overdue' 12 days & I went into labour naturally to my relief & excitement. Belinda was there from the beginning of my labour first by phone on the hour until we asked her to join us at our place. When we arrived at the hospital Belinda was professional when dealing with the staff there & made sure the atmosphere was according to our preplanning, preparing the bath, oils, candles etc, it was all beautiful. Belinda was encouraging throughout & she & Tim held my hands while I was pushing, I felt so empowered. I am absolutely overjoyed with my experience this time around & I thank Belinda so much for being there & helping me to achieve the healing birth that Tim & I had planned for our son.

Leigh Paroz

Thank you to Belinda for being there to support Leigh & I in James's birth. After our first experience we were both nervous about the possibility of another stressful labour but Belinda helped us to feel at ease with encouraging words & her wealth of information during the pregnancy. It was great having Belinda there as I was able to take breaks when needed but most importantly she helped Leigh to achieve the birth that she always wanted.

Tim Paroz


 - Michelle & Baby Flynn -

Having had two beautiful waterbirths , the second with my eldest daughter present, it was really important to us to have both our girls present at the birth of our third child.  We wanted this birth to be a positive experience of birth for the girls and to have another natural waterbirth was really important to Chris and I.  Chris (my husband) and Belinda were an amazing team to make what we wanted happen.   Both intuitively seemed to know what I needed during birthing.  I really appreciated Belinda’s openness to coming over even if I was unsure if I was in labour as I tend to have long ‘pre labour’ and lots of ‘false starts’.

In the end only one trip over was needed and I managed to guage myself that this time the birthing process had started and wasn’t going to stop.  I had an amazing birth experience.  Just when I thought birthing couldn’t get any better, I had my third son Flynn, without intervention in the water.  I felt empowered, beautiful, loved and supported at such an intensely emotional time.  My two girls got to see their brother born, Chris and Belinda were amazingly supportive to help everything go as planned.  Belinda even managed to add a new role to her job description – ‘bottom wiper’ for three year old lol!  Thankyou for helping to create such beautiful memories Belinda, thankyou for the gorgeous, heartfelt photos you took for us, thankyou for being all of our support at various times!

Michelle, Chris, Heidi & Emma. 


- Jade & Baby Jack - 

After enduring an 18 hour labour with my first child I decided that I needed my second birthing experience to be different. I therefore set about writing a new birth plan containing the ideal situation that I would aim for. This included no medical intervention, no pain medication, use of water to manage pain, to be alert and remember the experience afterwards. The saddest thing about my first labour was that my memories of it are blurred, confused and traumatic.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve all of this but by chance I found myself on Belinda’s website. Reading her philosophy on birth and the role of a doula made me feel confident that with Belinda’s support we could have the experience we wanted.

I was 36 weeks pregnant by the time I approached Belinda but her friendly and nurturing rapport made me feel that I’d known her forever. Each time Bel visited our home in the lead up to the birth she become more of an old friend of the family.

Bel asked both myself and my partner Brendan what we did and didn’t want to happen. She prompted us to think about every aspect of birthing which made me feel prepared and in turn confident. Bel even helped us work through some of the fears we were harbouring from my first labour. 

On the day Belinda was amazing. My birthing experience was exactly what I wanted and Belinda did everything she said she would and more. Brendan was able to give me his undivided attention while Belinda prepared the birthing suite the way I had requested with candles, oils and music. She did everything from run the shower for me, feed me ice chips, talk me through contractions and cuddle me when I felt tired. Brendan found Bel’s presence helped him to relax as he didn’t have to think of everything and there were an extra pair of hands to make sure I was comfortable. Belinda has such a calming presence. She was able to fade into the background at times so Brendan and I could have our own time but she was always right there when we needed her. The hospital staff also appreciated Bel being there as they were able to focus their attention on my medical needs while Brendan and Bel took care of everything else.

I laboured for just over 6 hours, most of which I spent in the shower and bath. I did not have any pain relief or medical intervention; in fact the Dr was only present for the last few minutes. I remember the whole experience and feel completely empowered by it. I gave birth to a healthy 9lb, 2oz baby boy who we’ve named Jack Ethan. After sharing this amazing experience Bel will always be part of our family.

Jade and Brendan Ritchie


  - Kath, Nathan & Baby Ryder -

 After a birth full of intervention, I was left feeling extremely fearful of the prospect of a second labour.  Then I met Belinda.  She made me feel more at ease from day one, and provided me with resources that allowed me to work through my fears and start to gain more confidence.  Combined with Belinda’s reassurance, by the time I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, i was very surprised to feel ready and even a bit excited about the impending birth.  When I went into labour, once again in the middle of the night, Belinda met us promptly at the hospital.  During the labour she was there, preparing the room, and assisting with natural pain management and constant re-assurance.  In the end, I managed a completely natural, drug-free water birth, just as I had wanted, for both me and our beautiful ‘little’ 9lb 9oz boy.  I have no doubt that Belinda’s presence was a contributing factor and I would highly recommend her service.

Kath MacDonald

To be honest, at the beginning I had no idea why we needed/wanted a doula, but I found it great having Belinda with us during our labour.  Even with a 2am start, she came straight down and was full of ideas to help with the labour.  As the labour progressed, I was much more relaxed knowing that even though the midwives came in and out, Belinda was always with us. Her presence was a constant reassurance through being calm and relaxed, even when my wife was not :-)

Nathan MacDonald


 - Fay, Josh & Baby Lola -

After having a planned caesarean for my first child I really wanted to have the experience of labour and birthing my second child naturally. A friend had mentioned Doula’s and so after looking into it I felt that it was definitely the solution for me & my family. Belinda stepped in at very short notice as our first Doula let us down two days before my due date. From the start Belinda was amazingly understanding and supportive, coming straight over to discuss our birth plan & immediately reassuring me that she would be there for the birth. As this was a Vbac (Vaginal birth after caesarean) the doctors wanted to induce if the baby was overdue by 10 days but thanks’ to Belinda’s reassurances & unbiased information I stood my ground so that my baby could be born when she was ready. As it turned out, the following day my labour began. Belinda kept in touch while I laboured at home and when the time came to go to hospital she followed in her car.

Just her presence & the knowledge of her rapport with the hospital staff made me relax. She gently guided me to the shower & the bath which was the best thing ever. After 6 hours of labour, no drugs & no intervention, our beautiful baby girl ‘Lola’ was born. 

We couldn’t have done it without Belinda’s support & care, thanks again Belinda.

Faye Ennis

As a birth partner & father of the child, having Belinda’s confidence in the birthing suite allowed me to support Faye through the birth. Information that was provided to me regarding labour was outstanding & instilled me with confidence to understand what Faye was going through.

I would personally like to thank Belinda for her support & would recommend her Doula service to future clients.

Joshua Bell

 - Nicki, Tony & Baby Isabella -

Belinda met my husband and I after many years of us struggling with secondary infertility, we finally had our precious miracle on the way and all seemed perfect with the pregnancy.

From the minute I spoke with Belinda and then met her, I felt as if we could work together, she has this way that is hard to put into words, but it put me instantly at ease, as if I could trust her without question and she went on to prove that during the rest of the pregnancy and birth.

Belinda has helped both my husband and I though a very emotional journey, I personally had alot of stuff to work though since our first birth had be pretty traumatic and very medical and I had felt very much as if I had NO control almost like I was a bystander to my own Childs birth.

She helped me battle my emotions and doubts and ultimately I believe she helped us find the voice that assisted us to have the birth we always wanted for our child. My husband really didn’t understand why I needed a Doula, and he took a while to come around but trusted me that this was something that I needed. Belinda was patient with him, and won him over so much so that now he is a Doula convert!

Belinda was truly amazing, she helped me in ways I can’t even express, it was more than just supporting us at the birth, we can’t thank her enough for the emotional support she gave us before, during and after our babies birth. Our birth was the birth we had hoped for, for our precious Isabella, no drugs, the least amount of interventions as the hospital would allow and a wonderful bonding time following the birth that we had missed out on with our first birth.

I can’t recommend Belinda highly enough and I am so happy that I decided to use her as our Doula, I really believe that our experience would of been very different if it had not been for Belinda and the amazing service she offers.

Nicki Zeith

During Nick's labour, I was a little lost in knowing what to do.  Belinda arrived soon after Nicki moved from her room down into the labour lounge.

At this point, Belinda brought me into the picture and allowed myself and Nicki to share a time I will never forget. Thankyou Belinda.

Tony Zeith


 - Melanie, Tom & Baby Kian -

I met the lovely Belinda while I was at my pregnancy yoga class, she was our guest speaker for that day. I had heard a little bit about having a doula for the birthing experience, but it wasn’t until I met Belinda that I thought I would really love to have a doula to help support me during my birthing experience. I arranged for my partner Tom and I to meet with her the following week to see if we would like to have a doula, although I instantly knew Belinda would be perfect and I could imagine she would be a wonderful support and that we would get along really well.

After Belinda left at our initial meeting, Tom and I were so thrilled that we wanted to book her in immediately so no one else could book her during February when I was due.. :-)) Belinda is so warm hearted, friendly, caring and has such a beautiful soul. We meet with Belinda several other times during my pregnancy to discuss our birthing wishes, she was always there to answer any of our questions and to offer advice or information. We also had some beautiful photography taken (which she is also amazing at). At each appointment I felt us all becoming closer and closer and we began to see Belinda more as a close friend and I knew we had made the right decision by having Belinda with us during this magical experience.

The day of the birth arrived, I began having close contractions and I called Belinda to let her know. I was so excited, Belinda shared in my excitement with me which made me feel so special. She arrived at my house with so much love and support we could not of asked for anything more. An hour or so went by and we all headed of to the hospital - I was so anxious and nervous, but having Belinda’s support and having her there every step of the way really made a big difference. My partner was absolutely amazing through the whole journey but it was just so nice that Belinda could be there for him also as this was such a new, exciting and scary experience for not just me but also for him. During the birth Belinda was there the entire time, the whole 30 + hours. She had brought things to use during birth that I would never have thought of. She was always there with aromatherapy, water, ice, hot packs, massage, beautiful music, always making suggestions of what to try next. My birthing experience was amazing. It was the most challenging thing I have ever done but by having Belinda and my gorgeous partner with me every step of the way it was so special, intimate and a beautiful environment for our wonderful little man Kian to arrive into..

I cant thank Belinda enough for everything she did for us, for all her support and love. We cherish her and think of her as family now.. We were so blessed she could be there with us for our birthing experience.

 Melanie Collins & Tom Cameron


- Samarah & Baby Layla -

I have had a wonderful journey throughout my pregnancy with Belinda!

I am a single mum and she has been an amazing support. Belinda always has time for you and has answers for any questions, and if she doesn’t she will find them.

I had an amazing VBAC birth experience with Belinda being a great support.

I highly recommend a Doula and you can’t get any better than Belinda.

Samarah Muggelton


- Megan, Scott & Baby Dustin -

I would definitely recommend Belinda as a Doula, she was absolutely amazing. I met Belinda at work one day and she gave me one of her cards. When I got home and read her website I was really interested in having her as our Doula. Scott thought it was a great idea just the thought of having someone else there who would know what's going to happen, help us through the labour and to explain anything that we didn't quite understand. This was our first baby and we wanted everything to be perfect and we had no idea how it was going to go. Having Belinda there was a great help. She was so supportive and knew exactly what to do to make you feel relaxed and calm about the birth. No matter what time it was she was there and would go out of her way to do anything for you before birth and during labour. I would highly recommend Belinda to anyone who is giving birth or thinking of hiring a Doula. It was the best decision Scott and I made during my pregnancy. Not only did we have the best birth but we have also made a friend for life. It was the most amazing experience and we will never forget it!! Thank you so much Belinda!!

Megan Alexander

I would like to say thank you so much for being there every step of the way for Megan and I. The birth of our son Dustin was definitely the most magical moment of our lives. You were there whenever we needed you. From a first fathers point of view i was a bit scared with all the unknowns I would face, but having you there made me so comfortable as you had all the answers which enabled me to support my beautiful girl the way I always wanted during pregnancy, labour and after the birth to make it easier for her. Having you as our Doula was more than I could ever have imagined. I welcome you into our family as I feel you are now a part of it. Thank you again with all my heart.

Scott Kingsbury


 - Anita & Baby Milani -

I hired Belinda as my doula when I was 36 weeks pregnant.  I had just received a letter from my obstetrician (who was very supportive of my desire for a v-bac) notifying me of her decision to close her practice on my due date. This left me anxious and questioning whether I would end up with an obstetrician who would support my wish for a v-bac.  After experiencing a long (3 days) and traumatic first birth experience (4 inductions, 1 cm dilation) ending with a c section I felt quite nervous about going through it again. After a recommendation from a friend who had hired Belinda I called her and felt immediate reassurance from the first time we spoke.  Belinda came to visit within a couple of days and I decided there and then that I felt very comfortable with Belinda and wanted her to help me through the next few weeks and assist me in achieving a naturalbirth.  She was gentle and caring with a big warm heart. Belinda was at the end of the phone for me day or night if I needed a chat or had any questions. She helped me to overcome my birth fears and helped me to find my confidence and strength.  As each day past my expected due date Belinda was there to keep my spirits high and motivated me to strive for the birth “I” wanted.  After 15 days post date and no dilation or signs of labour, I decided for an elective c-section.  The decision was heart breaking at the time but Belinda helped me to feel at peace with the decision and supported me in my decision.  I believe her support and reassurance greatly contributed to me feeling peaceful with the outcome, not traumatised like I was after my first caesarean. I highly recommend Belinda as a supportive, knowledgeable and loving birth assistant and would definitely call upon her again if I was to have another child! 

Anita Lee


 - Kim, Mike and Baby Jack -

Bel is an exceptional woman with exceptional wisdom. My first birth was a traumatic experience so when I found out I was pregnant again I felt nervous, fearful and anxious. Belinda provided my partner Mike and I with informed choices and advice so we could make confident decisions around our births. Bel is gentle, patient and caring and supported us not only with the birth of our 2nd child but also our 3rd. It was a joyful experience, I felt calm, confident and empowered and hold those memories close to my heart dearly. Belinda touched our lives and words cannot express our gratitude. From the bottom of our hearts, thank-you for your love and support.

Kim Purdon


- Sherridan, Billy & Baby Willow -

I feel so blessed and will forever be grateful for Belinda's support during the birth of both my darling daughters. Belinda's strength, calm reassurance and experience were all invaluable to my husband and I at this most sacred time of our lives. Belinda was very respectful of our wishes and supported as in all the right ways. I have and will continue to recommend Belinda to anyone looking for a warm, loving, experienced and nurturing doula. Belinda will have a place in our hearts forever.

Sherridan Broadhurst


 - Donna, Scott & Baby Elsa -

Belinda was our Doula, friend and support throughout our pregnancy, much needed as our family are all overseas! She was amazing and we had the most beautiful, joyous birth which I smile about every day. She also made us the most wonderful, precious DVD with gorgeous photos she managed to take of the event (no idea how, as I thought I had hold of her hand the whole time!!) Thank you Belinda, still can't quite believe the laughter in labour!!

Donna Shackelton 


 - Nicole, Kyle and Baby Tyler -

Bels support during my labour was incredible! I couldn't have asked for anything more from her, she has such a beautiful personality which shines through when she is working, I would recommend her to everyone! 

Nicole Halsey


 - Beautiful Aurora -

Caring, compassionate and unequivocally a "girl's girl" are words that come to mind when Bronny's name is mentioned. You know those people that give off such a positive, genuine energy? That is Bronny. Warm, friendly and supportive, Bronny has the ability to put anyone in her presence at ease. For as long as I have had the pleasure of knowing Bronny, she has been all things baby obsessed!!  Her genuine interest and love for babies also extends to Women. I can truly say that Bronny's calling in life is to put fellow Women at ease when going through both Pregnancy and Labour, but also to support women through pregnancy and infant loss.
After losing my daughter five years ago, i can truly attest to the wonderful support I was offered from Bronny. Within minutes of making contact with her, she was in the car, with two young children herself, embarking on a 12 hour drive to be by my side.
Bronny provided constant support and assisted us by attending the funeral home with us and making decisions we just couldn't bear to make. A lot of the "behind the scenes" details were taken care of for us, allowing us to grieve without the worry of planning a funeral.
Bronny also provided immense support on an emotional level. She was always there for me to chat and cry with. Bronny has a gentle, sensitive and empathetic nature, one where you can just sit in silence with her and feel comforted.
I truly could not recommend Bronny more. She is an absolute natural when it comes to parenting her own children and she has such a genuine interest in supporting and uplifting fellow Women. You have your very own personal cheer squad when you have Bronny by your side, as you go through pregnancy, labour and all things in between.
Alexandra Delaivuna