Closing the Bones Ceremony

Closing the Bones Ceremony

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The "Closing the Bones" Ceremony is one way to honour a mother and to make space for the enormous shift in not only our physical but our mental and emotional state. Our physical body has undergone change - through a widening of hips and feet, displaced pelvic organs, swollen breasts, and the psyche is altered by the rite of passage to conceive, carry and birth our child.

The Closing the Bones Ceremony acknowledges the immense changes a woman has undergone in pregnancy and childbirth and assists in bringing her spirit back into her own body. Physically, it guides her bones back into place, helps her pelvic organs shift and her uterus to shrink back down, and stimulates blood flow.  Women who are honoured in this way experience a sense of calm and grounding, re-establishing her sense of self.

In a warm and quiet room, a sacred healing space is created for this ceremony. Lights are dimmed if possible, a mat and some blankets are placed on the floor, there is soft music playing. When the woman to be blessed is ready, we start with some energy cleansing and then she lies on a mat on the floor.

With the help of a rebozo, the hips of the woman that have widened and opened to accommodate the growing baby and to give birth, are gently rocked and pulled back into place. The gentle rocking  movement has a soothing effect. We are also honouring the work these hips had to go through to bring a new life into the world. 

Some warm oil is applied all over the skin of the belly and a gentle massage begins. The movements are rhythmic and relaxing, bringing the energy of the woman back to her centre. We are lovingly taking care of this area where a baby grew. Both giver and receiver acknowledge this great achievement.

For the last part of the ceremony, a woman’s body is tightly wrapped using five rebozos.  We wrap and honour different parts of her body—feet, knees, hips, shoulders, head. The woman is then left to rest as we hold this sacred space for her. Some energy work can be done to bring her back to centre, balance her energy and relax her.

Closing the Bones is a practice that can be transformational for any postpartum mama–whether you are 6 weeks or 30 years postpartum–who is looking to find more peace within.  We have found it to be a profoundly powerful tool.  Our hope is that more women through community can learn about and participate in a Closing the Bones ritual after birthing.


Take time to heal...

Bel & Bron offer Closing the Bones Ceremonies on the Sunshine Coast & Surrounds

 Investment $250.00