Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Circles

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Circles

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Pregnancy loss is very common:

  • 1 in 3 people who experience pregnancy will choose an abortion at some point in their lives
  • Between 10-25% of all pregnancies result in miscarriage
  • Full term losses affect about 1% of pregnancies

Yet we rarely acknowledge the emotional and spiritual impact these events can have. Most of the time, they happen in the early stages of pregnancy, often before a person has let friends, family, or co-workers know they are pregnant. Because early losses are hard to talk about, many people lack the support they need to grieve and seek healing around their loss.
In a safe and supportive circle, we can share our full stories and allow the wide range of emotions that surround pregnancy and birth loss. These might include sadness, guilt, anger, and emptiness. Pregnancy loss and birth loss are rites of passage. Too often they are not recognized as such. In our circle, we honour the deep meaning of these events.

The group will gather weekly for five weeks in sacred circle to:

  • Share and witness our stories
  • Plan and participate in ritual together to honour our experiences of loss
  • Each week’s gathering will be shaped by those called to the circle. It may include visualization, energy work, shamanic journeying, family constellations and creative exercises to help clear and renew the womb space. No prior experience with any of these practices is necessary. We invite you to participate whether your experience of pregnancy or birth loss occurred recently or decades ago.

Tea, coffee, chai and morning tea/supper provided.